The All Universe Ecological Global Launch Conference concluded successfully

On May 10th, All Universe celebrated a historic moment. The conference, themed “Gathering Momentum for a New Voyage, Drawing blueprints of the future together” was grandly inaugurated in Kuala Lumpur. Initiated by the All Universe ecosystem, the event attracted hundreds of industry heavyweights, leaders, renowned investment institutions, international media, and many Web3 innovators and opinion […]

FIFA-17: When football encounters Web3, it will collide with new passion and sparks

Hi, here we are again introducing the new “Unicorn” platform to everyone. The FIFA-17 we are going to introduce this time is interesting and crazy. And it’s really comprehensive, covering all aspects of digital sports. Simply put, it is a Web3 sports track investment and financing aggregation club jointly established by FIFA Foundation, 17 Sport, […]

Tapbit Exchange Launched 0 Slippage Copy Trading Feature, Revolutionizing Crypto Trading Experience

Tapbit, the global leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of a revolutionary feature: 0 Slippage Copy Trading. This innovative functionality effectively addresses the issue of slippage in copy trading, allowing followers to accurately replicate the trading actions of their chosen traders and setting a new industry standard. Copy trading is an automated strategy widely […]

AIBTC: Unlocking Trillion-Dollar Value in BTC to Explore the AI’s Future

In the current blockchain industry, artificial intelligence (AI) and Bitcoin’s layer 2 network are regarded as the two major trends, leading the wave of technological innovation and business transformation. At this exciting moment, AIBTC stands out as the perfect integration of these two major trends, providing a solid and secure infrastructure tailored specifically for AI […]

TronLending received an investment of US$6 million from Singapore’s Tron Ecological Fund

TronLending, like JustStable, SunSwap, and the TRON ecological wallet, all originate from important ecological application projects incubated by the TRON open source community. In view of the fact that TRON energy leasing can greatly increase the amount of pledged coins on the TRON main chain and improve the stickiness of TRON ecological users, Reduce transfer […]

Hotcoin will launch Lucky (LUCKY) trading on April 30th at 14:00.

According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, Lucky/USDT trading will commence on April 30th at 14:00 (UTC+8), with Lucky deposits opening at 17:00 on the same day and Lucky withdrawals opening at 14:30. Lucky is the sole governance token of the Lucky Club ecosystem application, developed on the ETH Layer2 for decentralized entertainment ecosystems. It […]

Why is Now the Best Time to Invest in All Universe?

There is no doubt that All Universe is one of the few platforms on the market with a combination of “innovative business model, tangible commercial viability, strong revenue-generating capability and backing from capital institutions.” Here’s why now is the best time to consider investing in All Universe. In just a short time, All Universe has […]

Penta Elements:Leading an epoch-making financial revolution

The Penta Elements official online launch event has sparked a global frenzy among investors! Regardless of their location, they actively participated, collectively witnessing this epoch-making financial revolution. The event not only attracted widespread attention but also ignited investors’ deep desire for the tremendous returns Penta Elements could bring. Especially during the launch of the Penta […]